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  • 100% asbestos-free.

  • High operating temperatures.

  • Distributes the heat energy very well to prevent the overheating.

  • Higher coefficient of friction. The higher the coefficient of friction, the less fluid pressure is required to create a high braking force which means lighter push of the brake pedal.

  • Generates the friction needed for the rough braking over longer periods which results in smoother braking control.

  • Generates a higher defense to the rust and corrosion.

  • Stable performance in both wet and dry conditions across wide temperature range.

  • Improved handling and driveability.

  • Increased life with reduced brake wear.

  • Fade less as they heat up with long service life.

  • Excellent NVH (less noise, vibration and harshness).

  • Very minimal fine light dye dust which does not fuse around to hinder the braking control.

  • Little wear to the rotors.

  • Lighter than metallic brake pads.

  • Ideal choice for speed, performance, luxury cars, heavy vehicles and all type of vehicles in all weather conditions.

  • Brake lubes included in each box.

  • Double sided product box for maximum durability.

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