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Certificates and Warranty

All the Pertec products are manufactured under the ISO/TS 16949 in its own plants. We also have E11 and Ameca certificates to give our customers peace of mind. Having these certificates, also manufacturing / operating with them enables Pertec to provide the top quality product in an excellent result oriented systematic process.

PERTEC brake pads undergo a numerous set of tests, both during the production process and on the road. PERTEC also carries out a wide range of additional testing to ensure the complete safety of our parts. The tests being performed in Pertec plant in-house state-of-the-art laboratory testing facilities Pertec brake pads also come with Pertec replacement warranty which gives the clients and drivers an extra comfort zone using its products to customer satisfaction. This is all what Pertec is for all around to begin with.

In the event of claims arising as a result of quality problems, Pertec will be notified with the quantity of these defective products and specifications in writing supporting with photos, films etc. to evaluate and find out the
reason of the claim. If there is proved to be product problems by Pertec, the defective products shall be replaced
with other equal value products as compensation.

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