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- 100% balanced for smoother driving.
- OEM type vane design for heat dissipation, reduced vibration, and longer rotor life.
- G3000 and GG20 heat-flowed castings for consistent wear, long life, and quiet operation.
- Full coverage for passenger vehicles.
- Ready to install right out of the box.

Pertec Brake Rotors ensure the very highest quality and prevent brake judder, vibration, noise and harshness. Pertec Cast is designed to provide consistent, safe, and long lasting performance.All the Pertec rotors are tested individually to avoid the noise issue caused by vibration. We guarantee total vibration-free rotors for the highest level customer satisfaction. To make sure of the happiness of every single customer using Pertec Brake Rotors,

Rotors are usually damaged in one of
four ways: scarring, cracking, warping or 
excessive rusting. Today it is advisable
and often more cost effective to replace
the rotors rather than machining them 
to resurface whenever they are damaged.


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