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We proudly announce that we obtained R90 for E11 for PERTEC brake pads, and they are available for your extended comfort immediately


We are excited to give you all the great news. Yes, we are now an ECE R90 accredited brand for many brake pad numbers for Commercial Vehicles and Passenger cars. With obtaining the E11 from UK, we believe the sky is the limit considering the reliability approved by VCA, and we would like you to be the face of our brand in your countries and territories.

What is ECE R90 ?

ECE Regulation 90 (abbreviated "ECE R90") is an ECE Regulation specifying design,  construction,  and performance requirements and test protocols for replacement brake pads for roadgoing motor vehicles and trailers.

European legislation required all the front and rear brake pads used on the vehicles on the roads to be tested and compared to the original parts for their aftermarket replacements. This legislation came into effect in September, 1999 and it was to stop all the cheap, and nonapproved brake pads to be imported to the European Union countries.

Pertec brake pads tests were performed by VCA test facilities which is the designated UK Approval Authority and Technical Service for type approval to all automotive European Community (EC) Directives and the equivalent United Nations Economic Community for Europe (ECE) Regulations. The Approval is the confirmation that production samples of a design will meet specified performance standards. The successful test results for a product means it is safely assumed that the product is equal to or better than original equipment product.

Factory Audit and Approval is also one of the requirements other than the testing process of the R90 acquiring process which VCA engineers inspect and accredit the factory manufacturing the brake pads.

Factory Approval and testing are the main methods to be performed before the R90 approval given, and on the result of those performed on Pertec brake pads, we are approved to obtain ECE R90 for E11 with complete reliability and safety.

We are here for your comfort and your comfort is now extended with ECE R90 reliability.

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